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Wallpaper of DC Shoes for iPhone

Background of DC Shoes for iPhone
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Luxury Brands iPhone Wallpapers

Wallpaper of DC Shoes for iPhone. The DC Shoes logo, also known as DC Shoecousa, appears in shades of cyan in this fund or iPhone or smartphone. This is a California company that originally manufactured sports shoes and now is a famous brand of kits for all types of extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding or skateboarding, BMX, surfing and freestyle motocross. It also has an urban clothing line. The original name was Droors Clothing Footwear brand, and in 2004, DC Shoes was acquired by the company Quicksilver for the incredible amount of 87 million dollars, but as a brand remains independent.. 320x480 Wallpaper of DC Shoes for iPhone. iPhone telephone by Apple. Free 320x480 Background picture for iphone of DC Shoes. Background or Wallpaper for iPhone and iTouch. Free Image to customize the wallpaper of the iPhone and Apple iTouch.