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Wallpaper of Games of Thrones for iPhone

Background of Games of Thrones for iPhone
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Wallpaper of Games of Thrones for iPhone. Are you a true fan of the series and the novels Game of Thrones? Then you can not miss this stunning wallpaper for iPhone and other smartphones where we can see the leader of House Stark, Eddard Stark, sitting in the imposing iron throne, which is the throne where sits the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. During the absence of the King only a few can make use, as the King’s Hand, which is his confidant, or the Regents. The famous throne was built by Aegon I when his administration began, and swords forged using the enemies deposited at his feet after his surrender. It is a very important element of all this great saga of George R. R. Martin, to the point where everything revolves around the occupation of the throne, hence the name of the series.. 320x480 Wallpaper of Games of Thrones for iPhone. iPhone telephone by Apple. Free 320x480 Background picture for iphone of Games of Thrones. Background or Wallpaper for iPhone and iTouch. Free Image to customize the wallpaper of the iPhone and Apple iTouch.